KARE Relax Stuhl Sessel Miami braun

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KARE Relax Stuhl Sessel Miami braun
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Relaxer Miami braun

von KARE Design


Schöner Relaxstuhl im Miami-Style

Miami nice -With this chair in the Miami series you will look in vain for straight lines. It makes an impact with the striking contours of the silhouette, which at the same time cuts a slim and light figure. The colour design in strong turquoise together with the chrome-plated legs are an ideal match for the fresh and cosmopolitan style, which inspires us to dream of Miami. The legs feature a filigree design and look as though they have been sketched – at the same time they provide the required stability to enable the seat to spoil its occupant with the greatest possible comfort. The seat and backrest are lightly upholstered and flow into each other, surrounding the occupant with their curved ends.

Abbildung zeigt Relaxstuhl Miami in braun

Abbildung zeigt Detail der Polsterung

  • Bezug: 90% PVC, 10% Polyester
  • Gestell: gebürsteter Stahl
  • Sitzschale: Furniertes Sperrholz
  • Polsterung: 100% PU-Schaum

Auch als 2-Sitzer erhältlich

Abbildung zeigt Detail der Sitzfläche

Breite x Höhe x Tiefe (BxHxT) 89 x 72 x 78 cm
Gewicht 15 kg

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